The Prayer Language – Part XI – The Frustration Of Prayer & The Character Of God

Let’s be honest: Prayer can be frustrating, even discouraging at times!  At times, we ask for things that would seem to be in God’s will, but we don’t seem to be “getting through” because God does not seem to be responding.  Jesus understood we would face this frustration, and offered two parables while here on … [Read more…]

The Prayer Language – Part X – Completing The Structure Of Personal Prayer…Our Protector

As we wrap up our study of “The Lord’s Prayer” (Matthew 6), we identify the final “structural P” of prayer – God as our Protector.  Typically, when we pray for protection, our focus is on us and our needs – physical, financial, relational, and otherwise.  But that is not the kind of protection Jesus encouraged … [Read more…]

The Prayer Language – Part VIII – Pardon You. Pardon Me.

Does the structure, or order, of Jesus’ model prayer matter?  Well, not in a legalistic sense.  Jesus Himself warned against “empty phrases” or “vain repetition,” so our private prayers should come from the heart more than from the memory.  But there is something to be said for following Jesus’ example in terms of the “order” … [Read more…]

The Prayer Language – Part VII-C – Delight, Commit, & Trust – Through Prayer

In the third part of an unexpected 3-part mini-series within our current prayer series, we consider again how we can receive the blessings of God.  David not only understood that the blessings of God were conditional, but also what those blessings were conditioned upon.  In Psalm 37:5-6, David shared the secret.  Interestingly, even as David … [Read more…]

The Prayer Language – Part VII-B – The Windows Of Heaven

As we survey the world, we see so many perspectives and views that are, quite simply, unreasonable.  Christians can also, at times, develop perspectives and views that are equally unreasonable.  When God “opened the windows of Heaven” in the Book of Genesis, it was serious business!  God, through the prophet Malachi, tells us…practically dares us…to … [Read more…]

The Prayer Language – Part VII – Keep On Casting Your Bread Upon The Water

When it comes to wants (not needs, but “wants”), there are two kinds of “things” – things we want to USE, and things we want to HAPPEN.  Are we allowed to ask God for “things” we just want?  And how do we get the things we desire from God?  This is the first of an … [Read more…]

The Prayer Language – Part VI – If God Already Knows What I Need, Why Even Ask

Now that the “structural beams” of prayer are in place, Jesus finally encourages us to ASK!  But why would we seemingly waste our time asking for anything when He’s already told us He knows what we need before we even ask? It turns out, there’s a very good reason…and we start to learn that even … [Read more…]