The Prayer Language – Part XI – The Frustration Of Prayer & The Character Of God

Let’s be honest: Prayer can be frustrating, even discouraging at times!  At times, we ask for things that would seem to be in God’s will, but we don’t seem to be “getting through” because God does not seem to be responding.  Jesus understood we would face this frustration, and offered two parables while here on Earth that we can lean on when we start to get frustrated with prayer.  In this world, we often must be super-persistent in order to accomplish our purposes, but our interactions with God as our heavenly Father remind us that He is not like “the friend at midnight” or the “unjust judge” – He does not need to be pestered to get Him to act, because He loves us!  And as we start to realize that “God will ALWAYS give us what we ask for, or something better, if we trust Him”, our frustration and discouragement will decrease, and our relationship with our loving heavenly Father will deepen!  We will start to see God working in our circumstances through the attributes of His holy character, and we will start to become more like Him as He gives us His Holy Spirit.